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Dr. Jordana Wynn (she/her)

Jordana is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Victoria. She completed her PhD with Dr. Jennifer Ryan and Dr. Bradley Buchsbaum in the Psychology Department at the University of Toronto and the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and her Postdoctoral Fellowship with Dr. Daniel Schacter in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. Outside of research, Jordana is a lifelong ice cream enthusiast, an aspiring etch-a-sketch artist, and enjoys cooking, hiking with her dog, and planning trips around conferences.      @jordwynn      CV

Principal investigator

Honours students

Yannick Lapierre (he/him)


Yannick is a fourth-year honours student co-supervised by Dr. Jordana Wynn and Dr. Tarek Amer. He is currently pursuing a major in Biology and Psychology, specializing in Neurobiology. Alongside his academic pursuits, Yannick has a unique background that includes owning a mobile espresso business and a career as a professional skier. Yannick's current research uses eye movement monitoring to investigate the processes involved in memory segmentation. Post-graduation, his aspirations lie in the medical field and integrating his interest of neurological conditions and patient care.

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Maggie Porterfield (she her)


Maggie is a fourth-year psychology major and honours student co-supervised by Dr. Jordana Wynn and Dr. Tarek Amer. Maggie's current research uses eye movement monitoring  to study memory formation and precision. She plans to continue her postgraduate education in psychology and pursue further research in the field. Beyond education and research, Maggie is a craft beer enthusiast and enjoys travelling, honing her origami skills, and spending time outdoors by the water.

Amanda McGillivray (she/her)


Amanda is a fourth-year psychology major and honours student supervised by Dr. Jordana Wynn. Amanda's current research, in collaboration with Dr. Ruben Van Genugten at Northeastern University, uses natural language processing techniques to explore the role of schemas in autobiographical memory and future stimulation. She is also interested in studying how well-being and mental health fluctuate throughout life.  After her undergraduate, Amanda plans on pursuing a career in clinical psychology. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time at home on her family’s ranch, horseback riding, and playing with her dog, Pete. 



Dr. Tarek Amer, University of Victoria

Dr. Bradley Buchsbaum, University of Toronto

Dr. Jennifer Ryan, University of Toronto

Dr. Daniel Schacter, Harvard University

Dr. Ruben Van Genugten, Northeastern University




Antar is a third year doctoral student studying the burrowing habits of local squirrels. He completed his undergraduate studies in Egypt and his master's in Vancouver before relocating to Victoria and joining the Wynn lab. Outside of the lab, Antar enjoys long walks, playing with his friends, and napping in the sun. 

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