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Cognition and Brain Sciences Seminar


The Cognition and Brain Sciences seminar (CaBSSem) takes place every Friday from Sep- Apr from 3:00- 4:30 pm PT in Cornett A228 (Psychology Reading Room). You can find the 2023-2024 schedule below- please keep an eye on this page for updates. Talk abstracts and zoom links will be sent out weekly via email. To be added to the CaBSSem mailing list, please use this link:


Coordinator: Jordana Wynn,

Fall 2023 CaBSSem Schedule:

Sep 8:      CaBS faculty meeting

Sep 15:    Jordana Wynn, UVic

                    Effects of prior knowledge on perceptual sensitivity in older adults

Sep 22:    Jim Tanaka, UVic

                         Faces and bodies in person perception

Sep 29:    Tarek Amer, UVic

                        An eyetracking investigation of task demand effects on pattern separation

Oct 6:      Chaz Firestone, Johns Hopkins University *note: 12:00pm PT on zoom

                        The perception of silence

Oct 13:    Monique Grenier/ Steve Lindsay, UVic

                       Workshop on open science and lab manuals

Oct 20:    Michi Matsukura, Western Washington University

                       Examining Attentional Control Mechanisms: An Interdisciplinary Look

Oct 27:    Michael Masson, UVic

                       Visualizing Repeated-Measures Data: Frequentist and Bayesian Approaches

Nov 3:     Daniela Palombo, UBC

                       Bringing to mind the best and worst: The role of emotion in memory and imagination

Nov 10:   Daniel Bub, UVic

                       The role of motor representations in naming tools and utensils.

Nov 17:   Chad Williams, Brown University

                      An open-Source toolbox to artificially increase your sample sizes and reduce the complexity of your data

Nov 24:   Jonathan Rush, UVic

                     Mobile Cognitive Assessments to Capture Daily Variation and Change in Health and Cognitive Functioning

Dec 1:     Adele Quigly-McBride, SFU

                    How Minutiae Frequency is Perceived and Used by Expert Forensic Fingerprint Analysts

Spring 2024 CaBSSem Schedule:

Jan 12:     Bennett King Nyberg, UVic

                      A Two-Phase Procedure to Investigate the ‘Photo Truthiness’ Effect

Jan 19:     Ulrich Mueller, UVic

                      Development of Executive Function in Preschool Children

Jan 26:     Sean Kiley, UVic

                      The Effects of Music on Brain Connectivity

Feb 2:      Darko Odic, UBC

                      The Format of Abstract Perception: Causes and Consequences

Feb 9:      PSYC 492 student presentations *note: 2:30pm in person only

Feb 16:    Madeiline Ransom, UBC Okanagan

                     Bias in Perceptual Learning

Mar 1:     Karen Cambell, Brock University *note: on zoom

                     Hyper-binding: A major cause of age-related forgetting

Mar 8:     Alan Kingstone, UBC

                     Exploring the interplay between mind perception and attention in controlled environments and complex realities

Mar 15:   TBD

Mar 22:   Tessa Charlesworth, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management *note: on zoom

Apr 5: TBD

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